Good people are an organization's assets. They dream, perform and deliver the goods. Thus taking it to heights, it has never known before.

Such people are not easy to find. They don't come by so easily. It is because they don't choose the best. The best chooses them. The reason why you should choose abc for your placement needs today and tomorrow. For abc has the necessary experience and expertise to get you the best talent most suitable for your organization and its growth.

There is no greater imperative for any business, than the necessity of getting right people, in the right jobs. All value creation flows from that.
We have a wide network and know where to find leadership talent. We work in a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges & boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries. Synergy has a unique approach to salary structuring for global rganisations and their key- rofessionals. Our keen understanding of multi-national, multi-location issues .....
Synergy studies and offers HR solutions in tune with the global practices but rooted in the native culture and business reality. We empathize with people .... What distinguishes a performing organisation from others? How does one build a Performing Organisation? These and many more similar questions are today ..

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